Aussie Summer, in real-time.
A poolside classic catch, sausages erupting into flames, that flying-hand-out-the-window thing we all do as the Big Banana whizzes by–for TikTok's second national Australian brand campaign we hero'd the heck out of uniquely Aussie summer moments as they happened. Fresh content was pulled from the platform in real-time and fed into online video and digital outdoor to create the sensation that no matter where you were, we were all celebrating the Aussie summer together.
Classic Catches
Road Trips
Each time our digital out of home looped we would see new content being pulled directly from the platform.
At the tail end of the of the campaign, we also payed homage to Australia's obsession with 'big things' with the world's largest inflatable Australian native bird; turning Sydney's very own Cockle Bay into Australia's largest pool with a 12 meter tall cockatoo.