Maurice sits in a room and plays with crayons all day
They're cheaper than Sharpies, don't get all over your clothes, glide across the page like an eel on a shuffleboard and are colourful little reminders that things are often better when you do something a little different.

Being a crayon in a Sharpie world has worked out pretty well so far. It's taken me from working on multimillion-dollar campaigns for Intel Hong Kong and McDonald's South Korea to convincing a rural Victorian beer brand to secede from Australia and ASIO not to arrest me while working on their recruitment brief at the same time. It's also resulted in a track record of winning awards at major international advertising festivals as well as high profile new business pitches.

These days I moonlight between the idea pad, Wacom tablet, managing junior creative teams and mentoring the next generation of crayons as an AWARD school tutor.

While chasing the big idea will always come first, I'm passionate about exploring how digital and A.I. can come into creative problem solving and am a firm believer in art, copy & code to create innovative and effective work. 

When not working I'm generally found in a dark room staring into a bright light attempting to finish my first full length album.
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*If you were looking for renown Irish economist Maurice Moynihan, I nabbed the domain before him (sucker). You can learn about his role in the coordination of government policy here.