Lego now has a voice!
We've all been there as kids–the REOOOOOWWRRRR! of a fighter jet, ZHYOOM! ZHYOOM! of an imaginary laser, your Mum howling in agony as she steps on the corner piece you've been looking for. Now with the help of Google Nest, kids can trigger an entire world of voice-activated studio-quality sonic backdrops while playing with Lego. Playwaves also features a range of narrator-guided missions guiding children through scenarios such as building your very own race car and duking it out against your opponent 'Ratchet' or putting kids behind the wheel of their very own Jeep as a wildlife ranger tasked with protecting wildlife across the African Savannah. Or, simply set the Nest to free-play mode and let your imagination run wild against a backdrop of ambient soundscapes such as space, downtown, farmland or bottom of the ocean.