Jeep - Grand Land

"I Bought a Jeep" – While wildly successful at selling cars, the phrase was beginning to suffer burn-out.

The official Australian tagline Don't Hold Back has appeared across all campaign material since Jeep's launch in the country, though it's meaning had never really been communicated. Jeep needed to remind Aussies that their vehicles are not only fashionable urban runarounds but also highly-capable off-road machines.

Don't Hold Back is a mind-set. It means getting out there, beyond the caravan parks, and truly exploring this amazing country.

To reinforce the idea of escaping the city and really getting out there, we gave one lucky winner their own piece of land. All they had to do to enter was test drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Partnering with, a campaign page allowed users explore rural and semi-rural properties available across Australia. An emphasis on presenting and filtering properties by land type - country, mountain, forest, coastal and outback further helped position the Grand Cherokee as capable in any terrain.

The winner, once randomly selected, was giving the aid of an estate agent to help select a property of their choosing - up to $100,000.
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