Buy a Jeep (and the perfect place to take it).
'I Bought a Jeep' had become part of Aussie vernacular. What was less clear however was what you could do with it once you bought it. To give a clearer meaning to Jeep's actual tagline 'Don't Hold Back', we partnered with to create an automotive competition of a different kind - the chance to win your own chunk of rural land. To make this idea a reality, we partnered with to create a custom live property API developed specifically for the campaign.
The properties were categorised into a diverse range of geographic types (Coastal, Country, Forest, Outback, Mountain) and filtered to reflect locations remote enough to truly have an adventure – all while acting as a testament to the fact that the feature packed Jeep Grand Cherokee is capable in any terrain.
The campaign was supported by outdoor buys which mixed campaign imagery with a more uniquely 'real estate' twist on traditional automotive advertising.