Nissan - Pulse Jam

The Nissan Pulsar SSS Turbo was heralded as Nissan's most exciting hatch ever and with limited media budget we needed a bloody exciting banner to match. So how do you reflect the legally-dubious, pulse-raising intensity of a highly-strung turbo on a banner-ad budget?

The answer, oddly, was Pulse Jam.

Running as an expandable YouTube masthead, Pulse Jam is a 16-bit-styled rhythm-based game, fuelled by a simple yet addictive game mechanic – hit the space bar in time with the beat to propel the car forward through an ever-intensifying landscape.

Losing sync with the beat caused the game to abruptly end. This, coupled with the rapidly escalating soundtrack and event triggers created a surprisingly frantic sense of urgency – two keyboards met their demise in our office alone.

Players who kept sync through all 3 levels were then able to share their high score and challenge friends through social media.

1642 hours of interaction time from a 1-day run.

Exceeded Australian averages for number of expansions (32% above average), time in expanded state (38% above average) and interaction (34% above average).
Keeping sync for a prolonged period of time activated 'Turbo Time'.
Scores were shareable on social media.