McDonald's Korea - Juicy Tests

So McDonald’s claim there’s nothing as juicy and tasty as the McGrill. Now that’s a mighty big claim - we all know Macca's for their classic burgers but they aren't exactly the authority in gustatory fluid dynamics.

So to promote this thing, we decided to put it to the test.

On a branded YouTube channel, two of Korea’s most popular up-and-coming comedians played the role of experimenters. And by experimenters I mean two dudes with a compulsion for tenderness who go to town on all things juicy with the bizarre gusto of two blokes who have just jacked their way into a community television station.

Their task: Get intimate with all things watery, wet and viscous to rate their comparative juiciness. (ahem..)

By clicking on objects in our video, users instructed our testers to do their bidding. Items on the menu included tomato projectiles, a seaweed slap, notoriously dry Korean army ration crackers and even a bite of each other. 

In the end however, after rigorous scientific testing, it became clear that you simply can't beat the juiciness and tastiness of the Chicken McGrill.

Over 250,000 played this thing in the first month of launching. It then went on to become the most viewed Korean YouTube channel ever whilst simultaneously proving that Korean slapstick is still alive and well.
The YouTube Channel - Users select which item they'd like to test.