McDonald's Korea - Juicy Tests

McDonald's claims that there's nothing as tasty as the McGrill. That's a mighty big claim, so to promote the burger, we decided to put it to the test. 
On a branded YouTube channel, two of Korea's most popular up-and-coming comedians played the role of experimenters. Their task was to bite into a range of items - including the McGrill - to test their comparative juiciness. 
By clicking on objects in our video, users could get our two Juicy Testers to test them in our lab - including cherry tomatoes (propelled at high speed with a slingshot), fresh seaweed, and notoriously dry Korean army ration crackers. They could even bite each other. 
But in the end, after rigorous and scientifically hilarious testing, it became clear that you simply can't beat the juiciness and tastiness of the Chicken McGrill. 
THE RESULT • Over 250,000 people visited the YouTube brand channel in the first month. • Juicy Tests became the 5th most popular Korean YouTube channel ever.
The YouTube Channel - Users select which item they'd like to test.