McDonald's Hong Kong - I'm Amazing!
It's no secret that kids in Hong Kong have it tough when it comes to schooling – maths, science, violin practice, there's an unfortunate bias towards the traditional, practical stuff. We wanted to subvert the natural order of things - instead of raising the next generation of stockbrokers we wanted to remind parents that Hong Kong kids have one hell of a creative side.


We let young children create their very own McDonald's restaurant. After a mass callout for ideas of what HK kids would like to see built into a real-life McDonald's concept store, we gutted the iconic 'Megabox' McDonald's in Kowloon Bay and worked with custom fabricators to bring 22 of the top submissions (such as 'Deep-Sea Bookcase' and 'Rainbow Dinosaur Arch') to life.
The Store
Meal Tray Submissions
Behind the Scenes
Launch Party
Case Study
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