Kmart - Stick&Style

Kmart fans are a passionate bunch – the Instagram fan page alone has five times more followers than the Prime Minister of Australia. Heck, if you assembled the followers on the official account you could probably invade New Zealand.

Anyway, this chatty bunch of décor enthusiasts love talking about Kmart – a post of a kid on a beanbag can see the Kmart armada amass over 4000 comments in just under an hour.

With the 2017 décor range about to drop, we knew the banter was about to reach fever pitch as fans and friends exchanged ideas on what items could give their place a refresh this year.

So, instead of just being the topic of conversation this year, we wanted to be the conversation.

Kmart Stick&Style: A sticker pack that uses iMessage functionality to create a new kind of catalogue.

We etched product imagery of the entire 2017 home
décor range and made the products available as an iMessage sticker pack on the App Store.

Users could not only pull the range into a conversation but visualise how the items will look in their home by dragging the stickers over a photo. 
Friends could then give real-time feedback; providing instant recommendations and even layering their own stickers over the same photo – all within iMessage.

- #1 on the App Store in under 24 hours
- Beat yearly KPI's by 400% in a week
- managing to make profanity and Kmart somehow seem natural

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Case Study

With over 40 decor items to choose from, the English language is now basically obsolete.