Financial Times - Irresistible Mix

Our task was to convince media buyers in Hong Kong and Singapore that the best way to reach the Financial Times' elite audience is with the FT's mix of a print, online and mobile audience. 

Nicknamed "hummingbirds," these regional media buyers are typically young, ambitious, fashionable, mostly single females who are constantly on the move from one event to the next.

So how do you reach an intensely busy audience doesn't have the time for deep online engagement and don't respond to print? With good 'ol DM.

We made good on the FT's promise of attracting the elite by helping these buyers do it quite literally.

Partnering with bespoke perfumiers (yes that's a word) Jo Malone, we send out a DM pack contained three 'fragrances' – Print, Online and Mobile. These scents were part of a unique line of core ingredients created by
Jo Malone with the specific purpose of being blended, allowing us a unique and relevant medium in which to deliver our message to a difficult demographic.

With perfume analogies, that's how.
Layered packaging created a hierarchy of messaging, ending with a big reveal.