Financial Times - Glass City

The Financial Times gives its readers the insight needed to succeed in a complicated business world. Our job was to explain this to business professionals in Asia where the FT lacked the profile it enjoyed in European markets. 

The FT makes the business world clear for its audience. So, we quite literally made the business world clear for our audience by creating a city made entirely of transparent glass.

Print, outdoor, DM and online advertising introduced the idea of the Glass City. We then directed our audience online to go deeper into the city – a microsite enabled audiences to explore scenes representing the biggest issues in world business, each clicking through to the full story on the Financial Times website.

New subscribers - The campaign generated a 32.5% increase in subscriptions to (accounting for over 2/3 of the FT's new subscriptions for the year)
Increased page views - The overall number of pages viewed on increased by 27.2%
Immersion in the product - Visitors who went to via our Glass City spent 400% more time on site (compared to regular visitors)
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