A year in review, starring you.
2020 was a sucky year. With the Pangolin's Kiss keeping everyone inside its a good thing a lot of us had Netflix to turn to. We wanted to celebrate this unique opportunity for guilty-free escapism by letting viewers escape into their favourite shows for real. By partnering with popular face-swapping app Reface, Re/Write 2020 let users transport their likeness onto their favourite Netflix characters for real, creating a custom trailer of how they're year went and how they'd like their 2020 to end. A spicy romance? Writhing on a pile of money with the crew from Money Heist? Boozy beach party on a remote archipelago with the cast of Love Island? It's up to you.
A campaign page stepped users through the process of uploading their face through a series of prompts resulting in thousands of potential trailer outcomes pulling on a database of hundreds of Netflix's top TV shows and movies. Users could then share their custom trailer or even bite-sized cut-downs in gif format.