Professional Weirdo
No, not the 'furry' convention type of weird. The weird where you realise those 'haha that's weird man' comments you received growing up (which may or may not have resulted in unresolved trauma) were actually just ideas–the difference being they now manage to sell a silly amount of Happy Meals. That's weird.

While chasing the big idea will always come first, I'm passionate about exploring how digital can come into creative problem solving and am a firm believer in art, copy & code to create innovative and effective work. Although, sometimes it's easier just to tell people I sit in a room and play with crayons all day.

When not working I'm generally found in a dark room staring into a bright light attempting to finish my first full length album.
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*If you were looking for renown Irish economist Maurice Moynihan, I nabbed the domain before him (sucker). You can learn about his role in the coordination of government policy here.