Professional Weirdo
It took me longer than it should have to realise weirdness is a virtue. No, not the furry-convention type of weird but the ability to notice everyday absurdities in the world and turn them into something else entirely. This is why I believe that advertising is about the insights not the hours, because how can you most effectively communicate to the people you're trying to reach if you're not out there experiencing the weird parts of the world with them?

While chasing the big idea will always come first, I'm passionate about exploring how digital can come into creative problem solving and am a firm believer in the principle of art, copy & code to create innovative and effective work. Although sometimes it's easier just to tell people I sit in a room and play with crayons all day.
Say hello at or drop me a line on LinkedIn. Cheers!
(If you were looking for renown Irish economist and civil servant Maurice Gerard Moynihan, apologies but I managed to nab the domain before him. You can learn more about his central, constructive role in the coordination of government policy here).