B-Sides - Other Stuff

Work on it's way to sign-off town but for one reason or another is now off to chain-smoke Marlboro's with Bill Bernbach in advertising Valhalla. Or hell, maybe it just wasn't big enough for it's own shiny tile.
Australian Red Cross Blood Donor Service - DON8:00

Ever notice the YouTube progress bar looks like a blood donation tube? Me neither until I got this brief...
Turns out it's also the perfect device to communicate how much of an impact just eight minutes can have when you're doing something amazing, like saving three lives.

DON8:00 is an on-going YouTube content series running for exactly eight minutes per episode (the time it takes to give blood). Each episode features a celebrity host imparting knowledge, demonstrating or teaching the viewer a skill while donating blood.
"Did you know that donating blood only takes eight minutes and can save three lives? In fact, that's also the exact amount of time it takes for Neil DeGrass Tyson here to explain the concept of wormholes."
Financial Times - Survive the Meltdown

This outdoor was developed to capitalise on the buzz surrounding the Greek Euro-Crisis; heralded as the "meltdown of the European economy". After multiple Mythbusters-style meetings with Crayola and an anxious-yet-excited client, the Hong Kong council decided raining hot wax on their pedestrians was relatively low on their priorities that year and hence this one remained in the vault.
Jeep - Australia Day

Topical print ad for Australia Day. One of those 1-day turnaround kinda deals.
Music - Venom Elite

Oh, did I mention I also make music? After releasing my first solo EP in 2017, I've also managed to become semi-professional at turning even the most tenuous conversations towards the fact that yes, I am in a band.