ASIO - Recruitment Campaigns

When it comes to recruiting, the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation has no trouble attracting applicants. The problem is, less than 3% actually go on to get the gig.
ASIO's recruitment campaigns are odd in that success isn't measured by the number of click-throughs but the quality of the applicants themselves (which is hilarious explaining to media). They're after observant, tech-savvy recruits with an eye for spotting something out of the ordinary.
Unconventional Display

For part one of this campaign we were limited to a standard government banner buy – tricky when trying to identify Australia's future Bond types. So we found the most unconventional ways in which a user can interact with a display banner and made that the basis of our campaign – a series of observation and lateral thinking and tests.

1. 3-D Touch Mobile Banner

Using 3-D touch (or "force push) functionality, users had to press with abnormal pressure on the Apply Now button in order to progress to a secret application page. If the viewer tapped the call-to-action in the regular way, the messaging on the button would change with each tap to clue them in that there was more at play.

iPhone 3-D Touch functionality

Try it out here (mobile only)

2. Alt-Text Hidden Message

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.
3. Select-All

Desktop banner. Users had to either hit the 'select all' shortcut key or manually select the text area within the banner to reveal the application URL.
4. Inspect

'Inspecting' the banner revealed a hidden message in the source code.
5. Outdoor - Riddle URL

The concept of passing a test naturally rolled out to to outdoor in the form of riddles – the answer forming the missing piece of the application URL.
Digital Outdoor - Hidden Messaging

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, try it yourself below.