Somersby Cider - Like a Lord

What good is revealing the secret to making alcoholic gravy with no one to see it?

Somersby Cider were about to launch their Australian Instagram account and needed an acquisition campaign that not only incentivised followers but communicated the quirky tone of the brand's 'Unreal History' platform – 
a regal world peppered with bizarre anachronisms. In off-beat TVC's lords and dames mix with Chuck Norris and the animated guy from the Take on Me film clip. It's high-class anything goes.

In the spirit of this weird swanky world, we decided to immortalised our followers. Like a lord.

User's selfies were converted into intricate digital oil pantings complete with elegant attire and a smattering of unreal history – portraits worthy of a place on Lord Somersby's manor wall.
Tagging an image with #likealord entered a user into the running to be a weekly winner. There were ten winners over as many weeks with the final winner receiving a real-life full-size oil painting created by a professional artist.

Before and After
A few of the winner posts
Facebook and Instagram launch video