ASIO - Test Banners

The Brief:
While the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation has no trouble attracting applicants, less than 3% actually go on to get the gig.
This recruitment campaign was unusual in that success wasn't measured by the number of click-throughs but the quality of the applicants themselves; we were after tech-savvy recruits with an eye for spotting something out of the ordinary.
The Tricky Bit: ASIO being ASIO meant we were limited to a standard government banner buy. We were going to have to milk HTML5 for all it was worth.

And milk we did (eww...). We found the most unconventional ways in which a user can interact with a display banner and made that the basis of our campaign – a series of lateral thinking tests

1. 3-D Touch Mobile Banner

Using 3-D touch (or "force push) functionality, users had to press with abnormal pressure on the Apply Now button in order to progress to a secret application page. If the viewer tapped the call-to-action in the regular way, the messaging on the button would change with each tap to clue them in that there was more at play.

iPhone 3-D Touch functionality

Try it out here (mobile only)

2. Alt-Text Hidden Message

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.
3. Select-All

Desktop banner. Users had to either hit the 'select all' shortcut key or manually select the text area within the banner to reveal the application URL.